Monday, 28 January 2013

52 weeks of positivity #4

Well here we are, onto the fourth week of my venture into optimism and happiness (I will get there, I will!) and I’m actually on time this week. It has to be a first, I’m rarely on time! Yet again this has been a little bit of a quiet week but there has been a lot going on – it’s been odd. Strange things have happened, things I won’t discuss in much detail here, and things have developed from a very odd situation but it’s bloody fantastic. Things happen for a reason, corners have been turned, and boy is it prettier on this side.

– 5 Happy Things –

·        1) On the Tuesday my Mother and I had a twaddle down Chapelford to have a look at some houses. We had a look in the 3bed Hadley to see what it was like but it felt really small and pokey and for an extra £20k you got an extra bedroom and far more space. It was exciting though, because we then went to the Chapelford Farm pub where I bumped into the lovely Sarah  - lovely to meet you darling.

·         2) Afterwards we took our adventure to the Trafford Centre to have a mooch around in some of the shops (well, Debenhams!) and go indulge in a little Yo!Sushi since we had a 40% off voucher. It was fabulous – I returned a dress I bought and I walked her around the makeup. I was going to take her to Blink bar in Selfridges to get her eyebrows threaded since she’d never had them done before but instead we bumped into a little stand in Debenhams and got them done there instead. It was only £13 and I did have a little giggle at Mum’s face as they worked their magic. “I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” Yo!Sushi was divine as per but thank goodness for the 40% off otherwise we would have spent so much more.

·         3) I graduated from my MSc on Friday which was lovely. It was so nice to see everyone again although the two glasses of vino before we graced the stage of Central Hall was probably not the best idea, I thought my heel was going to get stuck in the carpet. It’s a shame I couldn’t see my friends graduating the day after in the snow but given the circumstances it’s probably for the best. 

·         4) The day after my mother and I had a run over to Chapelford again and we have another look at the house – the Irving – that we’re wanting. It’s a four bedded beauty, and I love how open plan it feels. You can shut off the double doors from the lounge into the open plan kitchen/diner but it looks really nice all open. Mum had a chat to the financial advisor and we signed off the terms for the part-exchange. Exciting times. We’re moving house!

·        5)  Lastly, and this has taken up much of my week, I’ve found out a lot about myself, about the past year, about my relations with people, the relationship with myself. I’ve done a lot of exploring and a lot of talking and I feel like there’s been a huge weight lifted. I can finally see that silver lining. I’m in such an awkward place at the moment, I feel, but I’m so grateful for what has happened.


  1. love this :) I'm glad things are starting to work out for you rach. much love :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

    1. Thanks sweetie - I just feel so much better already, the clouds are definitely disappearing in life :) Big loves honey Xx

  2. I'm glad everything is on the up! My Mum and I have been to get our eyebrows threaded together too :) it feels quite a mother/daughter to thing to do!! Congratulations on graduating!! xx

    1. Aww that's so lovely! I think it'll be a lovely thing to keep doing but as I paid for her threading experience she now wants to treat me to an eyebrow wax (as long as it's with Benefit!) just to see which I prefer. I really liked the results of the threading though. They're starting to grow back a little now though :) Xx


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