Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 weeks of positivity #3

Yet again I appear to be a day late on the positivity front – I don’t even really have a good enough excuse I’m afraid, I gave blood yesterday. It was a complete failure though and I’m a little embarrassed. It was my seventh donation, my iron levels were perfect, I had a chat to the nurse about my Rocketdog boots (perfect for the snowy weather we’ve been having) and then everything was going fine until about 10 minutes after the needle went in. My buzzer was going off so I was getting excited thinking I’d done for one of the nurses to come over and say that my blood flow had completely stopped. I re-straightened my arm out and carried on squeezing my hand as I always do, but it wasn’t doing anything and I was going paler and paler. All I did was ask for a glass of water and suddenly I had the nurses around me, one wafting me with a piece of cardboard, one lowering the bed, and the other saying that they’re going to take the needle out because it wasn’t really ‘working’. Oh joy. I felt mortified because I’ve usually been quite good giving blood, but when I had a chat to the nurse after and she asked whether I’d been under any stress (I mentioned the break up, medication increase, my weight loss, financial circumstances etc) and she just looked at me and went “blimey – okay no wonder you went all faint”. I’ve not been able to eat very well so that contributed to it all somewhat. Silly me, I’ll know for next time.

Anyway, on with the point of this post.

5 Happy Things

* Since it was a rather quiet and uneventful week, I’m afraid that one of the most exciting things that happened was for me to have two shifts – Tuesday and Wednesday. I do actually like working and I love the team that I work with so it wasn’t too bad. Plus, I managed to get another customer compliment so I can take another bottle of perfume from the staff stash! Also - my glasses arrived! As I said, not much happened so this does make the list. Plus, they look quite nice.

* I got my hair cut at long last – it was needed a good chop and boy do I like it. My fringe has been chopped back in, my layers have been chopped back in and I’ve had a little bit of length off. It also finally looks better curly!

* I had a lovely little walk in the snow and took some pretty photos, some of which can be seen on my last post here - The beauty of letting go...

* I had a very long chat with Hannah, one of my Twitter pals, about the circumstances of my last relationship, my head, what was going on, what happened and everything. It was so fantastic to hear her input on everything and suddenly everything fell into place. This is a huge relief for me since I was constantly blaming myself, well guess what? This stops now! It also led to the realisation that I need to have a complete break from men, I need to love myself, I need to stop depending on others for my happiness, and I need to be an independent woman (thus far, I’m loving it). Also, I realised that I need to pen a very important e-mail, this is currently underway.

* Since the chat I’d been feeling very positive, full of energy, full of happiness (that’s always a good thing, right?) and on Saturday my mother and I went on an epic house hunt. We went to Liverpool, Widnes, and Chapelford. The verdict? Well, we’re still not sure! We fell in love with the Irvine which is on Chapelford but it is a four bed and as it’ll eventually just be my mother we were umming and ahhing whether it would be too big (but it always works for the future!) – plus whilst I’m still living at home I’ll be nabbing one of the bedrooms and the smallest will be my meditation room! I got a little excited about it (although it will also double up as a study). We also loved one on a Redrow site in Widnes. It was called the Warwick and was lovely but such a shame it was near Fiddlers Ferry!

That concludes my quiet but relatively positive week! I quite like this!


  1. A bottle of perfume from the staff stash?! I wish my work had a similar system that sounds awesome :D Really cute little post. I love little updates like this, gives you a little insight into what's going on.
    ..and if you're ever passing through my blog, do say hi!
    Kerry x

    1. Haha they're only the ex-display stuff. I got a bottle of Juicy Couture last time (missing lid mind). It's nice to feel like you've done something good though. There's plenty of men's stuff but as there's no man in my life (totally happy with!) there'd be no point bringing that home :D
      I'll check out your blog now misses :)
      Rachel, Xx

  2. Pretty good overall then! :)

    1. Definitely :) I'm feeling very positive! Xx

  3. I miss raiding the fragrance cupboard to reward staff, was an awesome part of my old job. Always make sure I try to remember favourites etc. Keep going :) xx


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